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BandNerd October 17th, 2013 5:20am

"When faced with improving a school's athletics program or a school's music program, the athletic program is more important because our athletes need to have the best chance at getting scholarships"

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beanD California
10/16/13 10:21 pm

People get scholarships for arts, too, it just doesn't get as much attention bc you can't yell at a painting while eating popcorn and look normal.

10/19/13 2:27 pm

What's up, band nerd? Having a reunion show with my punk ska band from when I was a kid (look it up :)). Just had my sax fixed and am playing for the first time since I broke it.. At our last show... In 1998! No real point, just thought

10/19/13 2:27 pm

I would share with a fellow woodwind..

JoeT The neck
10/17/13 6:24 am

I will just leave it at this the athletic programs tend to make the school more money.