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DavesNotHere March 30th, 2013 11:50am

Even if you believe in God, do you believe that the Bible that you read is mostly true or not true.

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DavesNotHere where am I
03/30/13 7:15 am

I agree. The stories have morals and they teach that there's consequences for our actions. I don't think all the events actually took place as described, but there's lessons there. They're teachings.

RJ1969 SoCal
03/30/13 6:14 am

I don't believe in god, but, like a lot of legends and myth, they describe 'truths' relating to the human condition. Some of the philosophies they engaged are the same ones we discuss in our lives today. Who am I? Where did we com from? Where are we going? Etc.

03/30/13 7:23 am

I believe in God, but I think the bible is meant to show morals, and that not everything in it is 100% accurate. That being said, I wouldn't call it fiction...that seems too harsh