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rlands March 29th, 2013 2:30pm

Will DC become a state in your lifetime? Comment suggestions on what the new state would be called.

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Zack100 Tatooine
03/29/13 7:42 am

We could always just return it to Maryland, eh?

Montego En Route
03/29/13 7:57 am

It is not a good idea. The entire purpose of DC is to remain not a state, so that the capital does not fall within any state

susanr Colorado
03/29/13 9:56 am

No, it should be left as a district. There's a reason it was set up that way.

I do think it should have actual representation in Congress, though.

Zack100 Tatooine
03/29/13 7:38 am

Puerto Rico or guam will be a state before DC will. Plus, the flag will look really stupid with 51, 52, or 53 stars on it. I am not anticipating any new states

Goldiemol dry side of WA
03/29/13 7:44 am

No state taxes for DC?

I could see keeping parts separate where there is less population and making the rest a state.

Happy Hong Kong
03/29/13 12:54 pm

It would be the State of Megalomania :-)

03/29/13 7:49 am

True, or give some parts to MD and some to VA. Maryland would love to have northwest, I'm sure.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
03/29/13 8:24 am

Why change it? Is there an identity crisis? Do they want senators for one city?

Happy Hong Kong
03/29/13 12:55 pm

I wonder if people said that before we added Hawaii & Alaska?

OhNo Thornton, Colorado
03/29/13 11:09 am

Can't have Puerto Rico as a state. They only get three chances to vote on being a state and I'm pretty sure they already said no all three times, although I could be wrong, maybe they only voted twice so far, but regardless they don't want to be a state.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
03/29/13 8:27 am

I love Washington, D.C. and visit a lot. The region is doing great and has the best jobs and homes. Why are we concerned?

Zack100 Tatooine
03/29/13 7:55 am

Read this if you are interested in looking at possible "51st states". Very surprising options.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
03/29/13 9:33 am

No, I think it would be absorbed into VA. Not Maryland, forget Maryland.

katniss Dallas, TX
03/29/13 7:57 am

No... The flag would look too weird! ;)

03/30/13 3:52 pm

You can bet it will have the name "Reagan" in there somewhere. Only DC would have an airport named after 2 presidents...

tmacsurprise no pictures just numbers
03/29/13 7:58 am

How about- the state formerly known as DC? Home to a really bad basketball team and a really good baseball team! Lol

RandFan Headed to IPhone rehab
03/29/13 8:35 am

Uh... It's already it's own "state" in everything except representation. All that would change would be 2 more senators and another congressman.

14573 Scary Numbers
03/29/13 8:01 am

I don't think it's going to happen without another state to come with it. 51 is an awkward number and an awkward star design. (And yes the US is enough of an OCD nation for that to make a difference.

03/29/13 7:34 am

Rumor has it New Columbia is in the running for names.

03/29/13 7:36 am

I doubt it as well. But they are talking about it...

DavesNotHere where am I
03/29/13 8:08 am

Could add Puerto Rico at same time to have an even 52, or get rid of another to keep at 50????

03/29/13 8:08 am

And a great hockey team ;) well, in-a-slump-but-will-rise-again hockey team?

03/29/13 9:59 am

A possible compromise would be absorbing the residential areas into Maryland or Virginia, then leaving all governmental buildings and offices in DC. That way, no citizens are left without adequate congressional representation.

thatguy81 here
03/29/13 7:39 am

I really hope not. It was made specifically to NOT be a state.

susanr Colorado
03/29/13 10:00 am

Anyone who thinks 51 stars on the flag would be impossible or looks stupid should do a little googling and look at images, and compare to an image of the current flag. It's certainly not impossible and isn't that terribly different than what we have now.

susanr Colorado
03/29/13 10:02 am

If DC statehood were a good idea (I contend that it isn't), issues about what the flag would look like seem to be the very LEAST in importance to me, not the first reason to reject the idea.

tmacsurprise no pictures just numbers
03/29/13 7:40 am

Yeah, I don't think so.
But why not just keep it Dist.of Columbia w/statehood?

Washington N.C.?

03/29/13 5:43 pm

Hence: a new name. I've been thinking Columbia would be good.

+1 for our states that overlap with country names!

03/29/13 7:42 am

Agreed. It would be too much of a change.

03/29/13 7:43 am

I'd suppose a state can't really be called a district. And there's already a Washington state.

jinger New York City
03/29/13 7:45 am

I think there is no reason not to, but it isn't a priority so it won't happen.
Also, I think they would still call it Washington, D.C.

03/29/13 5:10 pm

I say we vote that Washington state become a part of Canada in exchange for Alberta!

OhNo Thornton, Colorado
03/29/13 11:05 am

I don't think it should ever be a state-and people shouldn't be permitted to live there unless your in the government. It should be kept a district for political reasons. However if it became a state, i dont see the need to change its name.