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osc222 November 6th, 2019 3:07pm

After the result of the 2019 gubernatorial elections in Kentucky and Mississippi, the Democrat has a narrow lead in Kentucky and the Republican barely won in Mississippi. Cause for concern for Republicans in 2020?

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11/06/19 8:46 am

Not at all. The fact that a black republican was elected as AG in KY should be far more concerning for Dems.

Yessy Astros WS 22 Champs
11/06/19 8:25 am

I would say not really. I don't really think a governor race where the winner won by <0.4% against a candidate that was the most unpopular governor in the states would clarify what will happen 2020. Especially considering that D candidate should have done much better according to polls and is related to a very well known family in Kentucky. I think elections like this depends more on the candidates than a particular party.

Yessy Astros WS 22 Champs
11/06/19 8:29 am

Now Virginia I would be worry about but I think since Obama it really has not been a competitive state anymore. Which I guess is why R didnt really campaign there at all.

ILY3000 Blue collar
11/06/19 10:05 am

State and federal issues differ. Beshear has the advantage of 1 not being the unpopular incumbent and 2 his dad was the previous Governor. On a federal lever though they will vote for Trump.

sjrez Cope Harder
11/06/19 8:53 am

How many hands does it take to count the number of black republicans elected statewide?