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localjudicial February 13th, 2019 10:48am

If Ben Shapiro ran for president would you vote for him?

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CarolusRex1697 Gott mit uns
02/13/19 4:17 am

I would never vote for a zionist.

02/13/19 12:15 pm

Depends on who else was running. I like to listen to him occasionally. Not sold on him being President.

xxxceo Nationalist
02/13/19 3:58 am

No, I don’t vote for never Trumpers.

02/13/19 4:01 am

He is not a never trumper. He didn't like trump to start with but now it seems he is cool with trump

xxxceo Nationalist
02/13/19 4:04 am

He didn’t vote for him thereby intentionally giving a Democrat a chance to win and choosing liberal Supreme Court Justices. That’s unforgivable.

02/13/19 4:15 am

Did Trump win? If you disagree with both people it's okay not to vote essentially Democrats and conservatives are the same. But then you would look at me negatively as well I did not vote. I was in another state at the time not the one I live in so.

xxxceo Nationalist
02/13/19 4:18 am

I don’t know you well enough to say if I would vote for you or not. Not voting for the conservative and allowing a Democrat a chance to win and choose judges would be a strike against you though.