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MoOoOoOse February 12th, 2019 8:44pm

If two people both commit tax evasion, but one person earns 100,000 a year and another earns 50,000 a year, should the two people both face the same penalty?

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Cooper831 Wisconsin
02/12/19 1:47 pm

It should reflect the amount of taxes evaded, so yes the punishment should be the same, but that doesnt mean the amounts will be.

Attikai Oregon
02/12/19 5:13 pm

So going 21 mph in a 20 mph school zone should be punished just the same as going 90 mph in a school zone?

Attikai Oregon
02/12/19 4:22 pm

What if you are assaulted twice? The first time a guy punches you and bloodies your nose. The second guy assaults you and cracks 6 ribs, knocks out 8 teeth, fractures your jaw in 3 places, and breaks you nose? Two assaults same punishment?

02/12/19 3:46 pm

Of COURSE they should receive the same penality ...duh