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mtdewbob February 5th, 2019 7:54am

The Washington Post double standards, Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax -vs- Brett Kavanaugh sexual harassment allegations of both. Washington post broke the story of Brett Kavanaugh but shy away from sexual allegations of Fairfax. Why?

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rons Thanks America
02/05/19 8:10 am

The media gives them a pass if they are democrats. Fairfax is admitting he had sex with the woman. At least there is a connection unlike Kavanaugh not even being there.

Fact FL
02/05/19 8:33 am

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Jazzy5 USA
02/05/19 5:36 am

The new world of the left, hypocrisy, lies, hate and the uninformed.
Lead by the axis of evil.. Democrats - Academia- Press, haters!