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LouisEF January 30th, 2019 12:29pm

It is extremely difficult to get the balance just right. More tax and more social care or less tax and less social care?

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Jazzy5 USA
01/30/19 6:56 am

Social care????
That should be reserved for our most needy. It should not be eligible for those that want free stuff ( the receivers) from the providers..

01/30/19 3:49 pm

Yes, balancing economic burdens with social needs is difficult. However, I don't think it's impossible and there really hasn't been sufficient effort put into balancing those two very broad things.

I think if people actually wanted to succeed at both, our governmental leadership would look at wasteful spending and cut it, balance that with social needs, and reach solutions that can be adapted over time. No one seems interested in doing that.