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Ssfiddler1 TheTrumpBarber
01/29/19 11:21 pm

Because of uncertainty and pain

EarlyBird Portland
01/30/19 7:26 am

It’s fear of the unknown.

01/29/19 9:38 pm

The unknown

01/29/19 11:28 pm

I can’t wait for the . By way ima all of sudden I’m kinda linreaeal changer into heaven it doesn’t work like that

CrazDab Florida
01/29/19 10:02 pm

It’s the fact that the world will keep going and you’ll never ever will be apart of it. Kinda gives me a panic attack when I think about it. But on the other hand, some times I don’t want to wake up. Just wanna keep sleeping. So I must be ok with it then.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
01/30/19 8:02 pm

The unknown. No one ever comes back to tell us how it is. It isn’t enough, for some, to know dying can’t be that tough because everyone has done it, or will soon enough.

01/30/19 8:50 am

I think the comments below are good explanations. I don't think everyone is afraid to die though.