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PamGH June 4th, 2018 8:45pm

Have you been following what the Saudi’s are doing in Yemen? We sell them weapons by the gross. Should we stop arming Saudi Arabia?

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ctskapski x
06/04/18 4:01 pm

We should have stopped decades ago.

06/04/18 5:29 pm

We need to stop hemorrhageing money period!

Yasserryan Elsewhere
06/04/18 7:46 pm

Most of Yemen, including capital Sanaa, has been occupied by anti-US rebels. Saudi Arabia has been helping the Yemeni government recapture its land through bombing the rebels, while causing civilian casualties. Stop arming the Saudis won't help the situation. In contrast, the war will end as soon as the Yemeni government claim victory over the rebels, thus restore peace.