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PamGH June 4th, 2018 7:41pm

CA: average cost to house one inmate $75,000 yearly. Average cost of state 4yr college annually is $25,000. You would think that with this vast amount of money more could be done to improve recidivism rates with proven methods.

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Think Lovin Life
06/04/18 4:23 pm

Pam ... the key to recidivism is not how much WE spend. It depends on what the convicted chooses.

PhxLibertarian Phoenix
06/04/18 5:49 pm

The problem is that the animals in prison like to make it expensive to house them. If they were rational people like college students there would be plenty of money for rehabilitation, but then again if they were reasonable citizens they wouldn't be in prison.

06/04/18 4:56 pm

Where do you get the $25,000 figure for a college education in CA?

PamGH SW Washington
06/04/18 5:59 pm

The problem, if you take the time to read is the prison guard unions.

PhxLibertarian Phoenix
06/04/18 6:09 pm

Very creative read, but not what it says. You read "the poor bad guys" into many places where it doesnt exist.

The article cites medical costs and that the system is still housing more inmates than it is designed to. That is not the union.

We need to pay good wages to anyone who has to deal with the worst of america.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
06/04/18 6:28 pm

I’m quickly losing my sympathy for all of CA woes, much like I lost it for IL