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PizzaHut June 3rd, 2018 3:32pm

Is Oprah a good choice for president?

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orgblu10 Shamerica
06/03/18 11:31 am

Sure. Like Jeb Bush is a good choice for talk show host. Smh

PizzaHut Coral Springs, FL
06/03/18 5:30 pm

If you thought I had nothing to bring to the table, what did you expect of me. I sincerely forgive you and I would honestly like to have a reasonable discussion, or you can just keep on speaking some other language

PizzaHut Coral Springs, FL
06/04/18 6:32 pm

Check your insta, look for i.heart.life_jk. Trust me 👌

PizzaHut Coral Springs, FL
06/03/18 4:03 pm

There are 14 others at the moment, if you cared enough

PizzaHut Coral Springs, FL
06/03/18 4:17 pm

What? Listen to my words as truth or die? Seriously?

PizzaHut Coral Springs, FL
06/03/18 4:22 pm

Also I didn't know you were a millionaire, seeing that you compare yourself to Oprah

PizzaHut Coral Springs, FL
06/03/18 4:27 pm

Look, your right. I don't know who you are, but you clearly don't know me. I got this app today to see what people think about certain things. I run an instagram account with 1.8k followers and I have people leaving extremely offensive and negative comments and DMs everyday. Hell, even I'm offensive, but when you ask somebody to die because they don't agree with you and you reply "get iver it", you see why people probably don't like you on this platform. You can go fuck yourself and go to hell darling :)

PizzaHut Coral Springs, FL
06/03/18 4:37 pm

Once again I have 1.8k followers on a platform people actually use. You can die in a fire for all I care bitch. You think I care about you 200 followers on an app that looks like it was made in 1999. When you brag about having 200 followers on a platform and you say you are a "top contributor" on, you kind if realise how stupid and underachieving it really is :)

PizzaHut Coral Springs, FL
06/03/18 4:50 pm

Next time you attempt to roast someone, speak english and go achieve something on you're own. Accept that I'm more successful on social media and that your an insecure whiney b(i)tch who thinks getting 200 people to care about your bull shi(t) is worthy of bragging because you don't know how to roast.