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OutOfTheLoop May 28th, 2018 5:07am

Why are conservatives attracted to this app?

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zimmy Florida
05/28/18 4:17 am

Because most progressives have better things to do. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣

05/28/18 6:46 am

Because it’s one of the few outlets where we aren’t actively censored.

HelloIamMe Ny
05/28/18 8:30 am

Because we aren't censored by mainstream media or just blown off even though all we are trying to do is save America it honestly makes me very sad to know people are trying to destroy our way of life

paranoidandroid peace love and science
05/28/18 11:05 am

The herd mentality makes it unpleasant for some more liberal users and drives them away allowing the app to keep its conservative lean.

Mariland neon butterfly garden
05/27/18 10:17 pm

Strength in numbers, I suppose.. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Texas1 location
05/28/18 9:42 am

I see this question pop up from time to time.
If you want to know, I’ll tell you. All us R’s get all our R friends to join SOH. And we don’t tell any D’s about SOH. When a D asks us what it is we just tell them it’s something we know they won’t like. We all get together and gang up on the D’s that find their way to SOH.

sea California
05/28/18 9:57 am

This ^. Conservatives have to fight the leftist media all day long. Progressives get shocked and offended when they hear the opposite view for the first time on SOH and run off to their safe spaces.

paranoidandroid peace love and science
05/28/18 11:06 am

These comments are funny. Poor little victims... 😂

Malekithe Hades
05/28/18 10:39 am

Hahahaha. Good one

zimmy Florida
05/28/18 2:35 pm

I love you too!

bringstheeagle Colorado
06/06/18 5:24 pm

Im a liberal and been here for years and I’m not going anywhere. 😊