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deist December 9th, 2017 6:03am

The quote “American dream” is actually more achievable in most of the worlds advanced countries than America? Even Muslim countries

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coloradical Vote or Shut Up
12/09/17 2:26 am

Not even close. I’ve been all over the world and there is no country with the same opportunities to live the American dream then here in the US. I’ve had people from many countries work for me who have explained their former countries. There may be a few where you maybe can make some good money but by the time you pay VAT tax, Income tax & a higher cost of living. And let’s say you wish to open a business, forget it in most places there is major protectionism so fork out quite a bit more money for that. In Europe the Fuel for your home & auto are very high comparatively.

DecayedState Putting the W in SJW
12/08/17 11:11 pm

For all our problems the poor have more opportunity to move up the social ladder than most countries save for the Scandinavian ones.

mcable Lost in Translation
12/11/17 6:07 am

Homeownership is 64%.
91% have health insurance.
Unemployment rate is 4%.
Life expectancy is 79.
Crime rate is 373/100k.

All of these have improved since the "good old days." It still sucks to be poor, but the American dream is alive and well.

12/09/17 7:14 am