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willg December 6th, 2017 8:55pm

Does being widely criticized by the public in your job mean you are actually doing a bad job? (Think public figures politicians, coaches, CEOs...)

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Zod Above Pugetropolis
12/06/17 6:30 pm

Maybe not if you are a parking enforcement officer, but could be yes otherwise.

Jazzy5 USA
12/06/17 2:00 pm


catpillow Florida West Coast
12/07/17 1:53 am

Probably so, but it depends on what your job is.

bringstheeagle Colorado
12/06/17 2:26 pm

Good question in any case a point to ponder.

smartfart Florida
12/06/17 4:29 pm

Not necessarily. The general public doesn’t necessarily see the long game.

clmcd42 Texas
12/06/17 2:37 pm

No, not necessarily

Robert97206 Portland Oregon
12/06/17 1:59 pm

No. Criticism only means people have some grievances.

orgblu10 Shamerica
12/06/17 2:02 pm

Not always. It really only means you're well-known enough for people to have opinions about you, and the access to publicly pick you apart.

mfjd1948 rural johnson co iowa
12/12/17 11:03 am

Yes. When you do the right thing you tend to create enemies.

willg basically Dulles Airport
12/06/17 2:06 pm

Agree... Trying to test peoples natural inclination. Is widely spread criticism from the public informed enough to be a valuable tool in assessment.

I often feel like if I was criticized in my role (not nearly that level where it would be public,) that only a small segment of the population would be savvy enough to have an overtly informed opinion, however, there is a lot of times where the smoke is from a fire so there is definitively some need to at least poke around probably if people widely criticize you.

willg basically Dulles Airport
12/07/17 5:24 am

I think in general humanity has a hard time with the long game. I think of head coaches that are fired 3-4 years into there tenure at a college. They aren't winning enough yet, etc. Some of the greatest coaches in history lost for 4-5 years until years of certain types of training and discipline panned out and cultures were changed. The idea being you want to make a freight train of success that just keeps coming not win a few more games in one season. That's an easy metaphor but I tend to agree that applies almost anywhere. Politics suffers heavily this way too, while I will admit I am just as guilty as the next guy, we often want politicians to fix problems that are hugely complicated with a magic wand. There simply aren't many magic wand fixes at the Federal Govt level, and every major change has someone it will hurt big or small. So there is always someone to scream you scum bags took my _________. That's just the nature of changing big systems.