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mtdewbob November 9th, 2017 10:06am

Parting gifts, IRS chief John Koskinen’s last day on the job sent out fines and penalties for small business owners of 50 employees or more who failed to meet the Obamacare mandate. Job today gone tomorrow.😳 Can you say pink-slips boys and girls😟

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Harry3603 Tampa Bay Florida.
11/09/17 3:20 am

He is a political hack who should have been tried and convicted long ago!

Harry3603 Tampa Bay Florida.
11/09/17 10:13 am

I thought lying to Congress was supposed to be a Federal crime.

mtdewbob Arizona
11/09/17 12:37 pm

Me too, me too 😔

theNobamist Silicon Valley
11/09/17 3:39 pm

Can Trump pardon those accused of alleged tax crimes?

Harry3603 Tampa Bay Florida.
11/09/17 9:29 pm

I believe that he can pardon anyone but himself.