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pcisbs1 November 5th, 2017 1:21am

Another excerpt in the former DNC chair, Donna Brazil’s new book is an email from Hillary Clinton dated Oct.17, 2016. The email from HRC states “If that Fuc#*@ Bastard Wins, We’re All Going to Hang From Nooses”,Fix This Shi# NOW,

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commonman1 Peace
11/04/17 11:59 pm

If this is true please provide source.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/05/17 6:29 am

If she wrote that in her book, I hope she provided a duplicate of the email.

However, wasn’t she the one who gave Hillary a debate question ahead of time, then said she didn’t?
If I’m right about that....she lies you know. If I’m wrong, I’m an idiot,

Think Lovin Life
11/05/17 9:52 am

So, if this is true, then it shows that Mrs Clinton’s, an attorney, knew that she had done enough that was illegal that she’d be going to prison as a result. Not only herself, but others as well.

Said another way, she said she must win to hide the crimes she and others had committed.

Net ... there is no plausible deniability!