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Tony SOH Founder
02/11/13 7:42 pm

It means that "adtest" has developed a couple iphone games that he will shamelessly plug any chance he gets. :-)

Tony SOH Founder
02/11/13 6:22 pm

lol - it would probably help if they'd heard of the other two

NicCage Hollywood
02/11/13 5:10 pm

I can't believe people are voting for the No option. :(

Tony SOH Founder
02/13/13 1:11 pm

They're iPhone games that Ben developed.

MrWolfe Nashville
02/14/13 10:22 am

Well, in that case... Vote changed to support the 'home' team ;)

MrWolfe Nashville
02/11/13 8:19 pm

Yep, this needs images of the game logos.

Tony SOH Founder
02/11/13 8:29 pm

I see 'em on the latest beta build that hasn't been released for you all yet. Coming soon!

MrWolfe Nashville
02/11/13 7:15 pm

I'm still trying to figure out what the hell this poll even means... :p

thatguy81 here
02/11/13 7:55 pm

What the hell are the other ones?