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SketcherLover May 24th, 2017 9:47pm

What do u think of the Monument removal in New Orleans?

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krazyjoe Chicago
05/24/17 9:28 pm

I don't think it's horrible, I just think it is stupid. U can't erase history. Regardless of the side, it is important to remember how many Americans lost their lives regarding the horrible tragedy of slavery.

lendluke iowa
05/25/17 9:13 am

Those monuments are of people who were important to United States history regardless of what they did. Should France removed the Arc De Triumph just be because Napoleon did bad stuff and killed a lot of people?

05/24/17 10:13 pm

The first thing Stalin, Hitler, Castro and on and on did was to tear down monuments and statues to loved leaders and heroes of the past. What Louisiana is doing is just unAmerican Put them back up. Don't rewrite our history. Display the good, bad, and ugly as always.

doober72 Vidalia, Ga.
05/24/17 6:52 pm

They believe removing "racist" monuments will solve racism. That is a joke. In that type of society, whatever special interest group makes more noise gets their way.

pcisbs1 Baltimore to Central PA
05/24/17 5:50 pm

The Nazis removed memorial and monuments they deemed offensive

geoag02 Dallas, TX
05/25/17 8:55 am

I think it would be better to put a plaque in front of these monuments explaining why they should not be celebrated instead of removing them. Just like we should not forget the holocaust, we should not forget slavery either.

05/24/17 10:25 pm

I used to live in Louisiana and the constant reverence for traitors and secessionists was disgusting.

Tear them all down.


gluxford1 Arizona
05/28/17 10:47 pm

Horrible move. Liberals are trying to erase history.,

05/24/17 10:17 pm

P.S. Our family will no longer meet in Bourbon Street hotels for Marti Gras. Revenue you will miss I'm sure

abusara i drink and i know things
05/24/17 4:26 pm

Don't live in New Orleans. Don't care.

followingsea Illinois is
05/25/17 10:28 am

Dumb, Isn't that what the Taliban did?retarded.

followingsea Illinois is
05/25/17 7:48 pm

Boo Hoo, American history dumb asses.

Mackinaw Wolverine State, est.1837
05/25/17 12:59 am

They're un-American for taking down memorials celebrating men who committed treason against America and fought to destroy the American ideals of liberty and civil rights? What universe do you live in?

bringstheeagle Colorado
05/28/17 11:28 pm

This is a faulty analogy. They may seem the same to you but they aren't even close.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
05/28/17 7:49 pm

I beg to differ, Eagle. For instance, take a look at all THESE monuments and historic sites that teach about slavery throughout the world. Would it be ok for us to tear these down just because the history is written in textbooks?


bringstheeagle Colorado
05/24/17 10:13 pm

I see your point - nevertheless, history is not being erased or changed by removing statues. American history is well preserved in written form about virtually every aspect of history. When I see a statue I seldom even think of history. I can go either way I don't care that much. Most statues in Colorado I have no idea who they are other than say Buffalo Bill or folks like that. If it went away I couldn't care less.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
05/28/17 11:44 pm

Why not? If you remove all these monuments to slavery, would that change history? If not, it's an equal proposition. You say you can't erase history by taking down some monuments. I'm just saying that you can't erase history by taking down the others.