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iceberg124 May 19th, 2017 1:39pm

Is President Donald Trump facing a coup attempt?

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skinner Jersey City
05/19/17 6:43 am

No, Donald Trump is not facing a coup attempt. He's facing the consequences of his own dumb mistakes.

JDoe Its a gift
05/19/17 7:41 am

At what point does responsibility for his own actions become a priority for the GOP? Trump and his administration have done and said some unbelievably stupid things. As long as Trump and his supporters deny, spin, blame, lie, and throw each other under the bus, it's not clear how serious or possibly illegal these actions are.

05/19/17 6:42 am

The Russians! The Russians!

Malekithe the Final Frontier
05/19/17 11:42 am

Why would they. Democrats never do.

CMD1973 Oxford iowa
05/20/17 6:07 am

By whom? The republican party? Possible. The military not in the cards. Anyone else, No. This is not a third world country dictatorship.

abusara i drink and i know things
05/19/17 1:01 pm

No. He sucks at being president. That's not the same as a coup attempt. But, Trumkins will wet the bed over the possibility of a coup rather than admit Trumptard is a shit president.