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iceberg124 May 18th, 2017 4:48pm

2 car attacks in Times Square and Staten Island within the last hour, is this terrorism?

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PrinceDaemon The Bloodwyrm
05/18/17 10:42 am

Drunk driver in the case of New York. BertGoldberg, is once again, being a fucking idiot.

Okie1967 Lets go brandon
05/18/17 10:45 am

Too early to tell. We're the drivers praising allah while killing people?

RealPoIIcaster I dont work for the app
05/18/17 10:10 am

A Clinton distraction from the Roger Ailes hit.

skinner Jersey City
05/18/17 11:16 am

They aren't car attacks I don't think.

musicotic Michigan
05/18/17 9:55 am

They already say it isn't terrorism.

Jazzy5 USA
05/18/17 11:52 am

I'll go with that, until I'm told otherwise, reason
Going down. The wrong way, hitting 13 people at lunch time!
Didn't know about the other!