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Reneezii July 16th, 2013 12:08am

iPhone 5 owners: Have you had any issues with your phone since you've had it?

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07/16/13 5:44 pm

Freezes often. Especially when adding new contacts

Reneezii Exodus 20. 8 to 11
07/15/13 5:09 pm

Mine has been having trouble with the lock button for a few months. Then for the past 2 weeks its been going to a blue screen and shutting off and then turning back on. Then, last night, it was working fine at 2am but at 7am it was off and won't turn back on. It was on the charger.

LochnessMonster Milky way
07/15/13 5:12 pm

My lock button started only working when it wants to but no it doesn't work at all. Not a big deal for me but inconvenient for sure. But I did get a refurb phone though so I can't complain to much. Other than that no problems.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
07/15/13 5:49 pm

I had that issue with my 4. Try holding down the home button and lock button at the same time until the white apple comes back on the screen. I think it takes about 10 seconds.

Reneezii Exodus 20. 8 to 11
07/16/13 8:16 am

I went to the apple store yesterday and they told me the otter box can cause the lock button problem. And they told me that its been going on and off b/c of the heat that's retained inside the otter box mixed with how much storage I used.

Reneezii Exodus 20. 8 to 11
07/16/13 8:18 am

But they got it to turn back on by JAMMING the lock button into the phone and they backed it up onto my laptop. So my pictures are saved and I was still under warranty so I got a new phone. :))

Scrazzle Winter is Coming
07/15/13 6:43 pm

There was an error with the backup that was a huge pain to resolve.

HalfDozenMama in my scrapbook room
07/16/13 8:21 am

Interesting ren- mine is in an otter box. Hmmmm.

Reneezii Exodus 20. 8 to 11
07/16/13 8:22 am

Yea. They said that little rubber flap constantly pushes down on the button just a little bit and it tends to mess it up.

HalfDozenMama in my scrapbook room
07/15/13 6:20 pm

My lock button has become totally unusable & unresponsive. It seems to be a "known issue". I have no land line & don't want to give it to apple to repair nor do I have the $600 on a CC for a "place holder" phone.

Reneezii Exodus 20. 8 to 11
07/17/13 6:06 am

Could that be because you're using too much storage?

peacefullife Land of Moss
07/16/13 10:04 pm

Known apple bug... They SHOULD replace it....

peacefullife Land of Moss
07/16/13 10:07 pm

My first 5 just stopped working, they replaced it, that one had a mike problem, they replaced it, and (thankfully) no issues w/5 #3. :)
Only issue w/ my 4: didn't survive a 12 ft fall onto concrete.

mtbRIDER Gone riding...
07/15/13 5:22 pm

My ear speaker just stopped working and I have to put it on the actual speaker phone to have a phone conversation :(