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Mackinaw Wolverine State, est.1837
12/22/16 7:47 am

Over the top, unconstitutional, and moronic.

"You can't take that bottle of water on the plane, it might be a bomb! Just put it in this trash bin next to a line of a hundred or two people in a busy terminal building."

RagingMystic covfefe
12/22/16 10:16 am

Most of it is engineered to stop small time drug trafficking, not terrorism

cheermom New Jersey
12/22/16 4:33 pm

Not being able to bring a tiny bottle of hair spray because it's 4 ounces instead of 3.4 ounces, especially when it's new and TSA can see it's never been opened is absurd.

wmorriso Indiana, US ofA
12/22/16 11:00 am

But it should incorporate Israel's Airport security procedures (the most known efficient security system yet)