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coloradical December 20th, 2016 4:34am

In the 1990's, President Bill Clinton while embroiled in scandal after scandal chose to fight against our Loyal Allies the Serbians. The one world media has always portrayed the Serbian Christians as Evil. Have you heard the true stories of Serbia?

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think4yourself Not a safe space
12/19/16 11:42 pm

Clinton liked to Bomb other countries to distract from his scandals. The day that his DNA was proven to be on Monica's dress he bombed an aspirin factory in another country.

cowboy Proud Father
12/20/16 7:12 am

Yes. Clinton bombed an aspirin factory to distract from releasing his seed all over an intern's dress and shoving a cigar inside her in the Oval Office. What a sick man.

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
12/21/16 3:26 pm

I find it utterly irritating when I hear CLINTON fans praise Bill Clinton and portray him as one of the best presidents in our history. He was a shrewd operator who knew how to steal ideas and how to gain credit for successful policies he didn't practice.

kywrite augusta, ga
12/20/16 7:03 am

Used to work with a Serbian woman. She was fantastic, always said Americans shouldn't believe everything the news says.

jlong105 Indiana
12/20/16 5:04 am

Bombs were Clinton's drone strikes.

Luftwaffe South of Heaven
12/20/16 6:28 am

Kosovo je Srbjia

Kosovo je Srbjia

Kosovo je Srbjia

Kosovo je Srbjia

Kosovo je Srbjia

shiculka transvaccinated
12/20/16 12:17 pm

I was in Belgrade during that time.

wright784 Ohio
12/20/16 7:45 pm

Those pictures in one of the links are horrific. Kind of wish I didn't look...but they illustrate the truth of reality & the culture of Islam.

SupremeDolphin They.them
12/22/16 2:11 pm

No, but I'll learn about it later this year on my course on genocide.