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googer11 Minnesota
12/16/16 1:50 pm

Didn't you know?? Everything is a liberal conspiracy.

Vayl Reason over common sense
12/16/16 1:46 pm

There definitely are a few that make up a tiny minority, but in general, the scientists are not to blame.

smartfart Florida
12/16/16 7:25 pm

Well, thanks to the used-to-be conservative party, science now has a liberal slant. It's a consequence of not believing in logic & truth.

Vayl Reason over common sense
12/16/16 1:36 pm

It's not the scientists who are at fault at all. It's politicians.

suppressedID destiny is right now
12/18/16 10:29 am

Callen, do you think all priests are pedophiles, too?

callen002 Cincinnati
12/16/16 1:18 pm

Science itself isn't if conducted properly. However, it is becoming more and more politicized. Scientists trying to find data that supports their preferred conclusion, vs. collecting all data in unbiased way and let results drive conclusions

FacePalm That Trick Never Works
12/19/16 3:29 am

Of course it isn't and facts do not have a liberal bias.

callen002 Cincinnati
12/16/16 1:45 pm

There are actually scientists that skew results to get a desired political end. There are also plenty of scientists that have high integrity.