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bonemedic July 8th, 2013 6:49pm

What is your dream career path? Have you fulfilled it? Still working on it? Or are you stuck in a job right now?

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shellybaxter1234 Peaceful Place
07/08/13 12:01 pm

I would love to work in politics and just might have found a way in

susanr Colorado
07/08/13 5:56 pm

Medicine combined with research. Dropped out of the medical pathway, returned gradually to research, got going too late to do a whole lot, lost job, retired.

So, partly yes.

AnnaRose Texas
07/08/13 1:48 pm

I want to work at a bank but I also want to be a singer/song writer. I need to work on those but I think I'd be happiest in a bank anyways and just do the others in the side to start.

bonemedic Texas
07/08/13 11:52 am

I remember wanting to be a cardiologist when I first learned about how the heart works! Paramedicine has been a fun and fulfilling path, lots of cool and fun cardiac, I have seen people in all kinds of situations and I love the spontaneous aspect of

bonemedic Texas
07/08/13 11:52 am

Never knowing what is next. I think that nursing will suit me well also:)