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wego July 8th, 2013 5:16am

All polls are missing for me. Global problem or mine alone??

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wego Utah
07/07/13 11:17 pm

Got 'em back!

stephie4 Shockadelica
07/08/13 2:39 am

I usually check SOH twice a day, and when I logged in today I had 60+ new polls. Based on comments, they were posted days ago. Weird.

EarlyBird Portland
07/08/13 5:59 am

That just happened to me for the first time but I only had one.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
07/07/13 10:26 pm

I'm not sure why, but that's happened to a few of us. Check that all of the appropriate poll categories are still checkmarked. On the iPhone it's "polls", on the iPad it's "categories". Somehow they get unchecked sometimes.

fire4life Narnia
07/07/13 10:26 pm

It's been kinda crazy all night.

Jayseph Wasatch Front
07/07/13 10:31 pm

Mine has done it a few times in the past but, it's working now.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
07/07/13 10:47 pm

Happened to me last week - uninstall/reinstall SoH 2.1 and all will be restored.