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TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
07/07/13 12:15 pm

But the synergistic effect of the chocolate cookies sandwiched with the cream filling, then the whole perfect assembly submerged ever so briefly in a tall glass of cold milk is what makes an Oreo more than a cookie - it's a dessert experience!

bballard92 taste the rainbow
07/08/13 7:34 am

I hate it when I split an Oreo and all the cream ends up on one half..I usually give away or soak the creamless half in milk. The only way to eat Oreos is with milk, though, cream or no.

commonsense America isnt racist
07/07/13 9:27 pm

I use to take a bag of Oreos and take out all the "cream" and roll it into a giant ball and eat it front of the tv. Leaving the cookies for someone else. :D

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
07/07/13 8:56 pm

I likes my Oreos, man - what more can I say?

Rocker saved by grace
07/08/13 7:42 am

I usually buy the double stuff so I don't have to bother with scraping off the icing with the regular ones. I still have yet to try the mega stuff.

larkspur one race. human.
07/07/13 11:50 am

Cookie! Unless we're talking about birthday cake Oreos, then it's the cream!

bballard92 taste the rainbow
07/08/13 7:50 am

Isn't their slogan like "milk's favorite cookie" or something? Lol. As if milk has a mind of its own.. ;p