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09/04/11 2:00 pm

Someone really likes credit cards...

09/07/11 9:40 am

No CC debt. Credit cards are an excellent financial tool IF you have the ability and self control to use the responsibly.
Debit cards, on the other hand, are a bad idea. Limited protection from loss and the upcoming fees make them a poor method to access your money.

09/04/11 2:51 pm

There's a credit card question every day. come on now.

Jzz California
09/04/11 2:55 pm

i use discover 99% of the time. pay back every month. i also have 1 or 2 cards that i use once or twice a year

hornetfan Ohio
09/05/11 3:32 am

I worked very hard to pay off all cc debt and am very proud if the fact that I did it & don't use credit cards only debit.

09/04/11 2:55 pm

Maybe if you guys read his blog you would know why there are all sorts of questions involving money

09/04/11 9:03 pm

I pay it off every month.

09/05/11 4:43 am

Yes, BUT, it will be gone by the end of this year finally. Yay!

09/04/11 3:11 pm

No, but that could change. We are getting a credit card sometime this week, so that we can pay bills on time even when they don't line up with paychecks. Hopefully it'll make living paycheck to paycheck more manageable.

ertyxytre Illinois
09/10/11 6:25 pm

those who lecture about thier wonderful levels of payment responsibility need to get off the high horse. you got lucky that someone in your life took the time to teach you valuable financial lessons. some of us werent as fortunate and learned the hard way.

09/05/11 8:00 am

I've been a Dave Ramsey's follower for 10 years. So I only house debt thanks to financil peace!

09/04/11 10:31 pm

NO. No credit cards. Period.

Sporter80 Oklahoma
09/06/11 11:42 pm

Not a cent. :)
Never, ever, ever, ever spend more than you have, people!
You're setting yourself up!
I don't carry around much cash, but I only use "plastic" when I get gas or am a couple dollars short or, say, I left my paycheck beside my bed or something silly ;P
Responsibility is SO important. :)

beatriz_78 Florida
09/07/11 8:41 pm

Been there done that.... Never again. I hate CC's

piratehkr Florida
09/04/11 10:53 pm

Maxed out, but making payments. Can't wait for it to be taken care of. Thats the result of a move and being unemployed for 5 months.

09/04/11 5:36 pm

In today's world, you unfortunately have to has some type of debt that you are paying back on time. The fraud of the 3 major credit bureaus, is that everyone in America needs to have a credit history. And try to have a good one at that. So someday, you can borrow just a little for that home.

09/06/11 4:04 am

I use my credit card regularly, but only if I already have the money in my checking account. That way I can pay it off in full every month while still earning rewards - cash back, miles, etc. Make them benefit you, don't pay them interest!

gabby123 Florida
09/11/11 7:27 am

We have some debt, but plan to pay it all off this month. We use credits cards for school books and other necessities during the three months between school stipends. Wish that we didnt ever have to use them, but we are also trying to build our credit so we can get our own home someday.

spudman Ohio
09/04/11 1:02 pm

Credit for major purchases like homes and vehicles: great idea. Using a card to buy a twelve pack and crisps: Social Darwinism at work.

09/04/11 1:05 pm

Once again , ( thanks for the explanation Tony), I do not carry cc debt. My house is paid off and I do not finance cars.

alaskan sleeping
09/04/11 11:48 pm

Just got mine. So can't have any. I wanted one so I can start getting good credit. N buy super awesome stuff.

Peg-Butt Illinois
09/05/11 12:21 am

That's the way to go Alaskan use the credit card for small things and pay it off on time and use cash or a debit card for everything else

09/04/11 1:13 pm

Nope and hve never benn

Jzz California
09/04/11 6:36 pm

yes drjones , but as ling as you pay your bills on time that's what counts. when i went to buy my house i had excelent credit because even though i have high limits, i didn' t have a balance. so my debt ratio was good. plus i've been putting the max alloable into a 401k. since my early 20's.

blutuesday California
09/04/11 1:23 pm

Just the float between purchases and the due date on my cc stmt.

Zack100 Tatooine
09/04/11 6:37 pm

The fact that this is the third credit card debt question doesn't change the fact that I don't have a credit card so no.

09/04/11 1:26 pm

I don't got no credit card

09/04/11 1:27 pm

I pay it off ASAP, and depend on my debit card more than anything else.

09/09/11 7:09 am

get a cash back card like Discover Card and use it to pay for, car, groceries, socks...everything. Pay the card instead of your creditors....pocket the cash back from the card.....use the bastards to the fullest extent that you can while never giving them a red cent in interest.

09/09/11 7:10 am

...and.....yes, half of you are lying....or wishing.

09/09/11 7:11 am

CC companies are criminal.

valeriejo ramble on
09/04/11 1:33 pm

Yes all from when I was 19. Still paying it off at 24 : /

I couldn't afford to pay off as much each month after I had my daughter 3 yrs ago & quit my job to stay home with her. Shortly after that my husband got laid off. We recently got back on our feet so hopefully we'll be debt free by next year!

09/04/11 1:39 pm

TONY!! Do you need a loan? The previous few questions sounds like I'm being subjected to a credit reference check!