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montie July 2nd, 2013 10:45pm

In American society African Americans can say openly that they have "black pride". If a white person did this (said that they had "white pride") they would be called a racist. Is this hypocritical?

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Cruz2016 Rum Bum Beach City
07/02/13 4:16 pm

Now where's my dang parade!?!

Cruz2016 Rum Bum Beach City
07/02/13 4:15 pm

White Heterosexual Pride!!!

Cruz2016 Rum Bum Beach City
07/02/13 4:22 pm

Why does the NAACP exist? To make money off of promoting hate. When Obama was elected in 08 he received 96% of the black vote and (I think) just under 50% of the white vote. Do you see the possibility of a problem there

skinner Jersey City
07/02/13 5:02 pm

Yeah I know I have the same feelings on that

EmWalt Meet Jim the Duck
07/02/13 8:21 pm

A race filter would be interesting here.

cyanospool The Deep North
07/02/13 11:33 pm

Well I don't really think it makes sense for anyone to show either pride or shame in genetic traits over which they had no control. Pride in a distinct culture you've contributed to, sure. Physical traits you earned (muscles, weight loss), sure.

cyanospool The Deep North
07/02/13 11:35 pm

But yes, for those among us who think pride is an accurate representation of their feelings towards their ethnicity (rather than contentment, etc.), it is hypocritical. Can't fight a dying fire with a flame-thrower.

montie AnCap and proud
07/02/13 3:51 pm

I should be able to have pride for my race. I should not be called a racist just because I am proud of myself.

Cruz2016 Rum Bum Beach City
07/02/13 4:36 pm

Where are the ppl that voted no? You really need to defend your position and explain your vote for those unenlightened ppl like myself.