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stephie4 July 2nd, 2013 5:57pm

Brought our cat to the vet yesterday because she was having a difficult time walking. Vet said it may be a brain tumor. Labs came back great, now vet thinks it may just be a pulled muscle. (What?!) Have you or your pet ever had a total misdiagnosis?

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stephie4 Shockadelica
07/02/13 4:29 pm

Wow! That's scary. Glad to know she's doing well now.

Keldeo Laverre City
07/02/13 11:50 am

Lol, No I guess we've been pretty lucky. Not like we go very often.

07/03/13 5:45 am

I think what some vets are trying to portray as "ruling out everything serious first" is actually a poorly disguised "let's charge these people for lots of unnecessary lab work". My vet always tends to worry things are more serious than really are.

c2alife Long Island
07/02/13 3:18 pm

My twin sister felt a lump in armpit and Dr said she was fighting a cold. Come back in 6 mos and it was breast cancer stage 3.. At age 37... Double mastectomy & major stomach surgery to reconstruct and 6 mos chemo... 2 yrs later god bless doing well

Happy Hong Kong
07/02/13 4:49 pm

I was diagnosed with Aspberger's at a young age. My parents asked for a second opinion and this diagnosis was reversed.