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Aliggan June 30th, 2013 7:00pm

Do you play any Farmville-esque games where you build stuff and collect income?

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Aliggan China and Florida
06/30/13 12:01 pm

I disdained this type of game until a couple weeks ago: I found a My Little Pony version. :3

tdaddy Kentucky
06/30/13 4:20 pm

Not anymore. HUGE time waster!!!

Kay41 the Midwest
06/30/13 12:06 pm

I played a game called TradeNations for awhile but got bored of it.

icebird1942 Future video game maker
07/01/13 4:28 pm

I have no idea how anyone enjoys it. You play for 2 minutes and wait for 2 hours before you can build or do something else again. Or pay real money to make it instantly. I'd rather play games that can play for hours on end.

bMyComrade Stumptown
06/30/13 12:52 pm

Castle Story when I'm procrastinating.

RunN2Poles The Room of Requirement
06/30/13 12:59 pm

I used to play Farmville but it got to complicated and time consuming so I quick cold turkey.

youreinvalid Arizona
07/02/13 8:34 am

I played the My Little Pony one for a while. And the Simpsons one too.

06/30/13 12:03 pm

Clash of Clans, which I failed at. Hay Day, which I had for a week and then deleted. So as of now no. I basically destroy my farm/village/whatever in those games by accident anyway.