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Mattwall1 August 17th, 2016 4:06am

"Trump is quite different than Goldwater and McGovern in that he goes out and confirms his opponents’ caricature of him every single day." Jim Geraghty

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Carcano Luke 10 19
08/17/16 5:12 am

Trump is being attacked by the media. 90% of the time he says something either jokingly or entirely reasonable and the media is able to take it out of context and make him look bad to all of the idiots who only follow the mainstream media.

News flash people: the Clinton crime family has the media in their pocket. The mass media is trying hard to get clinton elected, and you're all believing it.

Isomax TIC TOC
08/17/16 10:11 am

Trump uses the " keep your enemy talking method. It allows him to always know what they're thinking.

omniku dot com
08/17/16 4:35 am

The difference is Trump IS a caricature! Goldwater and McGovern were both genuine about their beliefs. Trump is a lifelong Democrat who is playing a caricature of a Republican. He is ACTING, the person you se at those rallies and in interviews is not the real Trump. I can't believe so many people are falling for his shtick, but there it is.

kermie gaytopia
08/16/16 10:49 pm

I'm not sure that wasn't also true of Goldwater and McGovern. If not, that's probably only because social media wasn't a thing back then.

omniku dot com
08/17/16 12:09 pm

I can't I'm too busy LMFAO at Trumpsters who are falling for his latest scam hook line and sinker! One of my best friends went to The Hill School with Donnie Jr and they are still friends. He knows Trump personally and says the man we have been seeing at rallies is not the real Trump at all. Even if you don't take his word for it, just think about it... A close friend of the Clintons who has been a lifelong Democrat (he even voted for Obama in 2008!) is the Republican candidate. His #1 advisor (Ivanka) makes Hillary look like Ted Cruz. Bill Clinton is the one who nudged Trump into running: . He clearly didn't expect to get this far and he gives every impression of someone purposely trying to lose without wanting to look like he wants to lose (because losing is not his brand)... He has no ground game (he doesn't even have field offices in some states), no ads, no money, he's not going after Hillary despite the fact he's got plenty of ammo,

omniku dot com
08/17/16 12:09 pm

he's attacking veterans and making even crazier claims that drive away the independents he needs to win (plus alienating some of the last groups who support him), etc. My theory is that Trump may not be a conscious foil, but that he was unwittingly duped into this. He may be a master manipulator, but he himself was manipulated by the king of all master manipulators, Slick Willy. I think Bill put him up to it not necessarily knowing Trump would have so much success, but figuring it would at least wreak havoc on the Republicans.

omniku dot com
08/17/16 12:10 pm

I think Trump originally got in as a PR move to boost his brand with no expectation of winning and no intention of governing. He was as shocked as anyone that he won the nomination, but now he's trapped… he can't back out because that isn't the Trump brand. He has to give the appearance of trying to win because that IS the Trump brand. So instead he's going to trainwreck his campaign while already laying the groundwork that he was "cheated" as an excuse for when he loses. It all adds up very nicely when you look at it this way. My only doubt is part of me thinks it's possible he is a willing foil because every time an actual newsworthy story with a scandal about Hillary emerges he does something super crazy that makes the media focus on him. You can believe what you want but this man is full of shit. As he would say, believe me! 😜

omniku dot com
08/17/16 4:29 am

Your recommendation won't be taken. He will talk a lot. The Trump-Clinton conspiracy grows more and more plausible every day. He gives every appearance of a man on a mission to lose the election and bring the Republican Party down with him.

DoctorWasdarb Marxist Leninist Maoist
08/17/16 12:06 am

I don't know about Goldwater, but McGovern was painted as a hippy or a Soviet sympathizer, which isn't true.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
08/16/16 10:04 pm

Looks reasonable.
He had everything going for him but I have to read a verbal shot in the foot almost daily.
Some of it is sarcasm, but he doesn't serve it well, it needs subtlety which he doesn't have.
My recommendation: talk very little.

08/17/16 6:03 am

What would a few of these caricatures be?