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lolilover August 16th, 2016 5:22pm

If a pedophile follows the law of the country he is in, is he not an issue? Assuming it's a perfect world where they never decide to break the law.

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susanr Colorado
08/16/16 10:29 am

Depends on what the laws are in various countries what what you mean by "not an issue." If some country doesn't have a law about *acting* on pedophilic desires and a person (an observer, not a pedophile) feels that acting on pedophilic desires is immoral (and I can hardly imagine a rational person who wouldn't feel that way), then yes, he's definitely an issue for that person. Maybe not for the country that apparently doesn't give a crap about the abuse and suffering of children.

Perhaps I'm not understanding exactly what you're asking here, but the question is more than a little convoluted.

08/16/16 10:39 am

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bogusman1 civil libertarian
08/21/16 8:54 am

If it's a country with sharia law, then pedophilia will still happen,.

08/21/16 9:52 am

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08/16/16 10:27 pm

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NoNameToBeHad nope
08/16/16 4:48 pm

Libertarians being as ideologically inconsistent as always