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kurtjkemp2013 August 13th, 2016 12:53am

Should the U.S. government tax Olympic medal winners for winning gold, silver or bronze medals ?

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GingerFascist Ireland
08/12/16 5:57 pm

Does the US gov do that? That's terrible if they do, those Olympic Winners earned those through hard work and dedication. It is their prize for serving the USA.

kurtjkemp2013 Bluffton, IN
08/12/16 6:01 pm

America's Olympic medalists must pay state and federal taxes on the prize money they get for winning. The U.S. Olympic Committee awards $25,000 for gold medals, $15,000 for silver and $10,000 for bronze.
That's not all. Olympians also have to pay tax on the value of the medals themselves.


kurtjkemp2013 Bluffton, IN
08/12/16 6:20 pm

They probably already's probably hidden in the cost to get fillings at the dentist.

mtdewbob Arizona
08/12/16 6:15 pm

If democrats had their way they tax the filling in your teeth.

shoeless Texas
08/12/16 9:46 pm

Not if they love in Texas. No state income tax!!