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08/08/16 2:45 pm

I'm not so sure about that, but the 300 strong proposed Bar Crawl for Harambe people at my school are planning may support your point

cowboy Proud Father
08/08/16 4:48 pm

If you believe in the theory of evolution...

cowboy Proud Father
08/09/16 9:17 am

The answer is no.

cowboy Proud Father
08/09/16 8:03 am

What's so funny? Is genetically modified babies, born in test tubes, evolution as described by Darwin?

Edeatsbeans Texas
08/09/16 8:23 am

You don't chose to believe in evolution, you just chose to ignore fact.

08/08/16 4:20 pm

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Injectable Trump Killed Babbitt
08/09/16 6:08 pm

And 99.9% of those years your traits were developed through ruthlessly killing any other living thing that wasn't related to you and posed a threat or looked tasty... The one on the left is a pretentious pile of shit. Humanity isn't that special and we haven't come that far. Read a book.

rons Thanks America
08/08/16 2:44 pm

College is detrimental to your health.

08/09/16 1:50 am

Not sure I quite understand the question? Could someone explain it?

pietsch Another Adoring Fan
08/08/16 6:18 pm

I was created. I'm not sure about some of you other monkeys.