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PamGH April 24th, 2016 4:44am

Dealing drugs should be classified as a non-violent crime. Mostly

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Blarney Wrightville
04/24/16 6:54 am

I think u mean "killers kill people"

Phaytle San Diego
04/23/16 11:20 pm

disagree because i dont believe it should be a crime at all. legalize all drugs.

leilu SoCal
04/23/16 11:25 pm

I don't think it should be classified as a violent crime.

liam2013 iowa
04/24/16 5:37 am

Dealing in a large amount of drugs should remain a crime, but using drugs should not.

aj1545 Cat Lady
04/24/16 6:50 am

No, thats ridiculous. Charge violence on its own when it actually happens.