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spycoops April 21st, 2016 8:04pm

Do you leave the TV on even if you're not watching it?

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Sk8BoredR Asian American warrior
04/21/16 5:59 pm

I use an iPad and close the cover and listen to an audio book or a documentary.

auntiesamm Orange County CA
04/21/16 1:58 pm

Pandora on Smart TV. Music most of the time.

susanr Colorado
04/21/16 1:20 pm

No. I haven't watched it for a few years anyway because I don't get reception here, but even when I did, I didn't like having it on as background. (Except I would sometimes fall asleep watching it... until I had a freaky experience one night...)

I do stream stuff, sometimes on the TV via an Apple TV, but I don't have that on unless I'm actually watching it, either.