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spycoops April 18th, 2016 1:08am

Can you honestly say you have never dyed your hair and you never will?

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susanr Colorado
04/17/16 6:13 pm

I answered yes because I have never dyed my hair and I have no *intention* of every dying it. But who knows, I may go wild at some point and decide to make it magenta or green. So maybe I should change my vote to no?

Seriously, it started going grey in my late 20s and has been pretty much grey/white for decades. I never had any interest in it being a different color before or after it went grey, so why would I bother to change that now? (I haven't worn any makeup for about 5 decades, either.) Except for the whims of old age.

shiculka optimistic realist
04/18/16 6:50 am

I can honestly say I dye my hair every month:)