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DSL007 It has been a long day
04/10/16 3:28 pm

People who hate philosophy, in my experience, are the kind of people who typically don't like to think.

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
04/10/16 5:13 pm

It was a fun course to take as a general ed credit, but I quietly chuckle at those who major in philosophy and expect to be able to do anything with that degree.

04/10/16 3:39 pm

Yes. I'm taking a class in environmental ethics/philosophy right now and I love it

Vietman manhattan
04/10/16 5:36 pm

Yes, philosophy is what I base all on my decisions on, and I also use philosophic principals for political ideology.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
04/10/16 7:01 pm

I think the big thing is that I like thinking and tearing things down a few layers to analyze them better, but there comes a point of diminishing returns and it hurts my head to keep going deeper than I see immediate practical application for. I prefer to let people who enjoy it dive into the deeper layers and give their observations afterward for me to review.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/10/16 9:21 pm

I like logic, which sometimes falls under the umbrella of philosophy, even if it should be under math or computer science, and ethics is necessary, but the rest of philosophy seems worse than a waste of time.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
04/10/16 6:57 pm

I have a love/hate relationship with philosophy.

MrLucchese If curious, ask.
04/12/16 7:39 am

I do. If I could do it over, I would add majors and major in psychology, sociology, and philosophy, in addition to my current studies.

MJSeals Esq.
04/10/16 3:43 pm

Just don't the way my professor does it. 40 mins student presentation per day on one philosopher.

Cole12 ...
04/10/16 6:30 pm

PhD or law school...those are basically your only options with a philosophy degree.

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
04/10/16 6:36 pm

Even with a Ph.D in philosophy, unless you get super lucky, the best job you can hope to get is teaching philosophy at a university level.

anniepoops fear the deer
04/10/16 3:54 pm

Political theory courses were some of my favorites.

ladyniner81 I hate people
04/12/16 5:26 am

I have a love/hate relationship with it. Sometimes I'll read an article on it and I'm thinking they're overanylzing this. Or I read something , and think, Hmmm interesting. .

04/10/16 3:58 pm

I just sucked at it in school

jvc1133 61535
04/10/16 5:48 pm

If I don't know I'm doing it.

Fox semirural
04/10/16 8:19 pm

I took an introductory philosophy course to meet a requirement in college. It featured week-long discussions on questions such as, "Can we trust the evidence of our senses?" Sure wish I had pursued my option to have taken economics instead...