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wolf124 April 10th, 2016 2:01pm

TODAY IN HISTORY: April 10, 1953 - Warner Bros. released "House of Wax." It was the first 3-D movie to be released by a major Hollywood studio. Do you like 3-D movies?

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Wert A picture of my junk
04/10/16 9:59 am

The main problem with 3D movies is that they shoot the film to highlight the 3D effect. If they would shoot the film allowing 3D to just be part of the film, like lighting and shadow, musical score, etc, and not as an obvious toy, they would have much more success with it.

susanr Colorado
04/10/16 12:02 pm

I've never seen a 3D movie, so I really can't have a personal opinion. I loved Roger Ebert as a film critic (not that I always agreed with him by any means, but I admired his writing) and as a human being (I had some contact with him on CompuServe's Vegetarian Forum, when he was losing weight). He was absolutely adamantly opposed to 3D in movies, and was happy to tell you why.

I think it will be interesting to see if changes in technology or different techniques make the implementation better, and something Ebert would have approved. Meanwhile, here are his thoughts on it - and those of an expert who responded to him: