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ProjectFND April 9th, 2016 12:07pm

Other countries have way more holiday time. Would it work in America if we adopted this?

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ProjectFND USA
04/10/16 9:36 pm

I didn't say I liked it. I asked if people thought it would work here. There is not part that remotely states I "like it" and think we should do it.

04/11/16 4:11 am

See the little word in front. It's "IF".

04/09/16 5:18 am

If you like how other places do things then move there, do not change here

ProjectFND USA
04/14/16 7:31 pm

Yes, but obviously you cannot. Nor can you comprehend a question.

ProjectFND USA
04/11/16 8:18 pm

Yup. But I still didn't say I liked it. I don't. You're making assumptions that aren't there. This is a question because this is a polling site. It's not a place where we throw someone out of the country for asking a question.