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suppressedID April 4th, 2016 11:41pm

With a load of old clothes, blankets, coats, and shoes, I take it to a part of town with a high density of homeless families and leave it where they can get it immediately and for free. This is....

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lovesquirt Hawkeyes
04/04/16 4:54 pm

I think it's fine but I might call around first and see what's permitted and the best location for the drop off.

mfjd1948 rural johnson co iowa
04/04/16 9:31 pm

Don't just dump it. Why not give it Good Will, Salvation Army or St. Vincent Society they will see that it gets to people in need.

TheCameron UCF
04/04/16 6:52 pm

If you wanted to donate it in Orlando you could just go to any church downtown, but just putting it on a street corner, I'd call dumping.

04/05/16 5:23 am

At a mission, homeless shelter, church? Donating. Placing it on the sidewalk? Dumping.

04/04/16 4:42 pm

Inspired by a real debate.

JHawk3205 MD
04/05/16 4:17 am

It's lazy donating. Should really put it in the proper donation receptacle so it's not thrown away, or exposed unnecessarily to the elements, before being taken/used..

phen nebraska
04/07/16 6:27 am

How much is a cut of a blanket or shoes? They take the laces out of the shoes. Being in the non profit arena, please give it directly to someone who needs it or a shelter

Sk8BoredR Asian American warrior
04/04/16 6:52 pm

Yeh I think you could find a shelter that can hook some people up...

kejunk 17057
04/06/16 3:17 am

If you aren't going to donate to a local goodwill, community aid, etc and wish to give directly to the homeless; you should hand out to the homeless not just leave it lay in a pile someplace.

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
04/05/16 8:37 am


But answer me this.

Are you willing to go back and check on the box to ensure it has been emptied after a short time has passed?

Okie1967 Fudge joe biden
04/04/16 4:59 pm

Donating. It would be a lot easier to put it in the garbage or nearest dumpster.

04/04/16 10:15 pm

The argument was that 1) it takes too long, and 2) those organizations take too much of a cut.

04/05/16 11:28 am

It's an act of mercy. Besides, it's the right thing to do.