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Bigdog93 April 3rd, 2016 2:00pm

Should U.S. Presidents be elected by the popular vote or the electoral vote?

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04/03/16 1:25 pm

Popular vote makes us get closer to the tyranny of the majority that the founding fathers were fearful of. Electoral balances the game out.

lovesquirt Hawkeyes
04/03/16 12:28 pm

It seems that it's been corrupted. The founders didn't anticipate that corporations would be considered people and money to equate speech. The super delegates can betray the majority.

dale41 Putting the FU in fun
04/03/16 1:57 pm

Electoral college, but the votes should be proportionate to the popular vote in each state.

Example is if there are 1,00,000 individuals voting for 10 electoral college votes and 600,000 vote right and 400,000 vote left, the republican nominee would get 6 electoral college votes and the democrat 4.

liam2013 iowa
04/03/16 10:01 am

I go with the original intentions of the writers of the constitution and say electoral college. Their purpose was not to elect the most popular president but to select the one most representative of the country as a whole.