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Throwaway77 April 2nd, 2016 4:51pm

When you hear "God" used in an argument (that is NOT about religion), does this generally cause you to lose some respect for the argument itself?

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sfcren Wyoming
04/02/16 1:03 pm

Doesnt offend me, but I see it used as a cop out usually.

For example ...
Well it was gods will, or well I dont know it isnt for me to judge god, etc ...

04/02/16 12:30 pm

I'll hear sometimes used like "well God says we should..." or "well God put us here for.." etc.

LibArtie SW Connecticut
04/02/16 11:19 am

It offends me when religious people automatically assume that I believe in a god.

rosebud348 Over the rainbow
04/02/16 12:27 pm

Not necessarily. Although, I rarely hear the word "God" used in a non-religious argument, unless it is being used in the phrase "oh my god".

biker4life Texas
04/02/16 1:34 pm

Sometimes. I look at it as a lazy explanation to a problem