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HopefulChaos December 10th, 2015 4:19am

Have you ever lied during an interview?

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pacbro Washington
12/10/15 12:45 am

I try so hard bot to lie that when an interviewer asked (today actually) "What do you do that's fast paced?" I said "Well, I finish homework at the last minute pretty often. That's pretty fast paced."
Made her laugh so hard haha.

Ellock Perpetually Tired
12/09/15 10:37 pm

I said I was in the robotics club when it was actually the engineering club. I got the names flipped in my head... Not a big deal really.

FollowYourBliss Never Happy, Ever After
12/10/15 11:34 am

Interviewer: "So what's your biggest weakness?"

Me: "Honesty"

Interviewer: "I don't think honesty is a weakness..."

Me: "I don't give a shit what you think."

Yeah... I've lied in an interview before. I feel like some of the questions they ask almost require you to lie a little bit. I feel like the questions are more to see if you're smart enough to know what to say, and not necessarily the truth.

missmorganmarie ...
12/10/15 7:54 am

surprised more people haven't....

missmorganmarie ...
12/10/15 7:54 am


what was the interview for?

clfs34 Florida
12/10/15 2:54 pm

I remember when I was in college.... I applied at a collection agency that I could walk to from the English building. They asked me "why do you want to work here?" I said "it's a job, it's convenient & I need $" = what else are you supposed to say?

CudOfCow Oregon
12/09/15 11:21 pm

Im more likely to under play my strengths than over play.