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jimiscott August 16th, 2015 2:55am

Have you ever lost a loved one to suicide?

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Kay41 the Midwest
08/15/15 8:00 pm

I haven't.

How are you doing? I've been thinking about you.

jimiscott Survivor
08/15/15 8:03 pm

Not bad. I went back to work Thursday. I been talking to a grief counselor and it helps.

Kay41 the Midwest
08/15/15 8:08 pm

I'm glad you have been seeing the counselor. You are going through what I think must be the most difficult thing in life. Someone to talk to is essential.

spring27 California
08/15/15 9:42 pm

It's really hard to understand. My friend was very unhappy, and facing a medical crisis. It was just too much for him to handle. I find peace, in knowing that he's at peace now.

jimiscott Survivor
08/15/15 8:04 pm

That's sad, anytime it happens.

dudley northern Virginia woods
08/15/15 9:59 pm

Two friends in college. It was incomprehensible.

orgblu10 Shamerica
08/15/15 8:03 pm

No, but a co-worker who was also a friend.

inge MIA
08/17/15 11:55 am

Yes. My grandpa and a good friend when I was 15. My mom attempted it as well when I was a teenager. It's such a confusing, horrific way to lose someone. I wanted to understand but I was so angry.

08/19/15 4:50 am

No but my wife has, she's lost her mom dad 4 brothers a sister and last month our son, her brother committed suicide

Zod Above Pugetropolis
08/16/15 1:18 am

Yes, a best friend, but never a family member.

MrChris80 California
08/15/15 9:30 pm

Robin Williams? So, no, not really.

08/16/15 7:46 am

I talked two friends out of it but I couldn't talk the third one down.