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Lance007 August 1st, 2015 2:58am

Would removing the pistol emoji from the Apple keyboard be a worthwhile anti-gun violence message?

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mac Oregon
07/31/15 8:48 pm

🔫🔪💣🔨🔧🛁💊🎥🌂 dangerous stuff:) was anyone hurt reading these? 👌🏼✌

Lance007 Libertas est super omnes
07/31/15 9:31 pm

I stubbed by toe against the table. Does that count?

knetzere Illinois
08/01/15 10:10 am

Don't forget these other things that could probably kill you 🚤✈️🚁🚀🚙🚚🚜🚲🚊🎢🎡🎳🏇🏽🏊💥🌊💨❄️⚡️🐝🐊🐍🐩🍄👱👮👩