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rlands July 27th, 2015 7:49pm

When you get emergency weather alerts on your phone, do you ignore them?

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07/27/15 12:58 pm

Wow, that's impressive. I have a friend who swears she can sense impending rain with her knee.

I also have a brother who claims to have 100% accuracy with predicting the current weather by looking out the window.

EnderWiggin So disillusioned...
07/27/15 12:53 pm

My Mrs can uncannily smell the weather, and is also pretty sensitive to the changes in pressure. She's just as reliable, and I don't get a text charge.

missblank101 Ithaca, New York
07/30/15 5:12 am

My galaxy s5 does a great job at texting me every 2 minutes to tell me that there's a severe thunderstorm watch.

raywygo Pittsburgh
07/27/15 6:22 pm

We never get flooded so really no need. I always check the radar first.

07/27/15 3:12 pm

No. I pay attention.

07/27/15 1:59 pm

Exactly!! Rather unnecessary fanfare...

07/27/15 12:58 pm

^ the latter is very rarely consulted for meteorological advice

jlong105 Indiana
07/27/15 1:00 pm

After three in one night of thunderstorms I disabled them all. I need my sleep.

07/27/15 1:03 pm

I look at them, but if I'm not going anywhere and they say heavy rain and risk of flooding, I don't care.

EnderWiggin So disillusioned...
07/27/15 1:11 pm

And a month ago, while camping on the NShore of Lake Superior, a light shower formed out of nowhere (well, somewhere) and she pegged it about three minutes before it hit.

susanr Colorado
07/27/15 4:11 pm

I pay attention. Although, during several weeks of daily thunderstorms here recently, I was getting alerts numerous times a day through Wunderground. Severe thunderstorm alert, alert cancelled, flash flood alert, alert cancelled. Cycled all day.

EarlyBird Portland
07/30/15 6:22 pm

I've never had one.

alynn Somewhere wonderful
07/27/15 1:25 pm

rlands...I just got 3 for NoVA. Sending some boomers your way.

07/27/15 1:28 pm

Believe me, I've heard! I'm in the office and everyone's phones went off practically simultaneously. We had some about an hour ago and it's disruptively loud!

LostTexan42 Deal With It
07/29/15 4:54 pm

Why would I subscribe to weather alerts if I wanted to ignore them?

07/29/15 7:32 pm

I only disregard the flash floods for here. It never happens

alynn Somewhere wonderful
07/27/15 1:55 pm

That's what happened to us too! I was on the phone with a client and my cell and everyone else's started sounding off. You'd have thought there was a tornado coming!

johnnycub Bronx
07/31/15 1:11 am

Usually I noticed adverse conditions before the alert comes.

Iamamerican California
07/29/15 7:13 pm

I get flash flood warnings, but I don't live in a flash flood area.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
07/29/15 9:31 pm

I don't think there is likely to ever be one here. Certainly not one that warrants action.

EnderWiggin So disillusioned...
07/27/15 1:06 pm

With my Mrs, it seems to be resultant of diving. I think she feels the change in pressure through her ears.

And I believe her to be a supertaster. She could easily be a sommelier.

07/27/15 1:14 pm

Ohhh yes that would make a lot of sense. It's helpful to be sensitive in terms of sensory perceptions. Although I can imagine the taste thing at least can get overwhelming at times?

Brilliant10 Ioway
07/29/15 9:38 pm

If there's a tornado I'll hear sirens otherwise I don't care that much

susanr Colorado
07/27/15 4:12 pm

That really was annoying, & I *almost* cancelled getting alerts.

slickspin Heart of Texas
07/30/15 7:03 am

I turned all my alerts off. Annoying as hell.

07/28/15 8:00 pm

Whoops marked this as inappropriate, sorry soh monitor people...

EnderWiggin So disillusioned...
07/27/15 1:23 pm

It can be. We throw out more meat than I'd like. She gets a whiff on the tiniest malodor and she doesn't trust it. I'll usually eat it later.

Luckily, she is finance mgr @ our co-op so usually brings home fresh whatever for dinner.

07/27/15 1:26 pm

Hmm that's rough for her. But sounds like that's a good solution, with the fresh food.

jvc1133 61535
07/29/15 3:07 pm

I examine weather location on I/phone then ignore it.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/30/15 9:09 pm

I live in a tsunami zone. A couple years ago the TV flashed my mediate evacuation noticed for a Tsunami coming in. I immediately I'm plug the iron and debated taking my sewing machine upstairs. Then it dawned on me I have not felt an earthquake.

ThomG25 Texas
07/29/15 5:54 pm

I definitely remain aware of it, but I don't stress or worry about it. I usually get flash flood warnings, so it's good to at least remain aware.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/30/15 9:10 pm

So I plugged my iron and kept on sewing. About 30 minutes later the TV announce that had been a mistake someone pushed the wrong button.

omagabi Surf City
07/30/15 4:54 pm

In Southern California they rarely happen. I would be concerned about a tsunami warning.

mugendraco Alabama
07/29/15 8:37 pm

Severe thunderstorm warnings happen almost every day here. The storms themselves last 30 minutes at most, and should hardly be called severe.

WyattDenham The Moon
07/30/15 1:35 am

My weather channel app tells me every time lightning strikes within 10 miles of me and it gets kinda repetitive.