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gow488 July 25th, 2015 5:30pm

After his comments about John McCain's war record Donald Trump formed the group "Veterans for Trump coalition" and he named several people that "pledged their support" but those named weren't actually supporters. Is Donald trump a honest person?

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smarttexan More Moderate Than U
07/25/15 10:44 am

Honest? Who knows. Deluded and surrounded by sycophants, I do think so.

Maj Worth Economist
07/25/15 12:24 pm

Trump is just a façade. He's full of hot air, and he'll say and do anything to make it seem like he has depth. But he doesn't have any substance.

07/29/15 9:20 pm

He is hilarious. I liken him to a late night comedy show. Makes me laugh though.

Krazy1 One for fun
07/30/15 7:22 am

Trump has tapped into a large portion of the population that want action over political correctness.

And least Trump doesn't spin everything like the other candidates.

Maj Worth Economist
07/25/15 12:20 pm

No. Why do people mistake rudeness for honesty?